SeaDoo, Waverunner, Jetski Miami Dade County

In my opinion Miami-Dade County seems to be one of the best places to ride a personal watercraft in South Florida.
You have more options than Broward and Palm Beach county.
The bay of Miami-Dade county has Islands, watersports areas and faster speeds.
If you do not want to stay in the bay there are two inlets to the ocean.
From the Haulover Beach Park Marina you have the option to ride south on the Miami bay or the ocean.
Ocean Ride
Want to jump waves and go fast?
Go through the Haulover inlet to ride as fast as you want south on the ocean, it will take you to South Beach.
Just off South Beach there is an artificial reef where you can snorkel and see ocean wildlife.
From there you can go through the inlet to ride the bay north back to the Haulover sandbar or marina.
Bay Ride
Want fun for the whole family?
It's a nice ride south on the bay, speed limit is 35 mph with very little no wake area.
You'll see the skyline of Miami off in the distance, nice homes, boats, dolphins even tour Vizcaya by water.
You'll pass islands that you are allowed to beach your ski, picnic and bbq on.
If you have never traveled south on the bay, I suggest that you first ride with someone that knows their way around the area, you could get stuck in weeds or shallow water.
If you want to take a chance on your own, be sure to stay in the channel.
  1. Monument Island
    Monument Island
    Monument Island is a very popular area located at the south end of the bay just north of Star Island and the Port of Miami. This is also the watersports area, you can play on your ski at 35 mph.
  2. Beer Can Island
    Beer Can Island
    Beer Can Island just southwest of Haulover Marina or west of the Haulover Sandbar. The raccoons are very aggressive!
  3. 79th Street Bridge Island
    79th Street Bridge Island
    This island is just south of the 79th street bridge.
  4. Pelican Island
    Pelican Island
    Pelican Island is about one mile south of the last island. There are free bbq grills provided at this location. The shelters are for rent.
  5. Haulover Sandbar
    Haulover Sandbar
    D's Sandbar Munchies provides food and drinks at the Haulover sandbar.
  1. Miami Ocean Wildlife
    Ocean wildlife jet skiing around Miami
  2. Jet Ski Ride Through Vizcaya
    SeaDoos & Waverunners take an early morning ride to Vizcaya in Miami
  3. South Beach or Jet Ski Addiction!!
    Jet Ski From South Beach To Fowey Rocks Lighthouse.
  4. Jet Skiing Miami
    Haulover Inlet, Monument Island, Haulover Sandbar
  5. Jet Ski To Bayside Miami
    Jet Ski From Haulover Marina To Bayside Miami.
  6. Miami Herald Island To Haulover Sandbar
    Jet Ski From Miami Herald Island To Haulover Sandbar